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Very few people bother to read the fine print, especially if it comes in a big block of text. But if you started reading this fine print, then you are the same kind of business person as us. Just like you, we are detail-oriented. Just like us, you are building your business, carefully checking the information. For us, as for you, it is not about the quantity of the work, but the quality. A thorough, meticulous approach – this is our credo.

Philasoft is a united a group of companies with offices in several countries of the world. We are constantly growing and expanding our expertise. The innovation of our approach is in the details: optimizing prices, minimizing project execution time, and putting together the best team for each project. We achieve this by forming working teams that specialize exclusively in a single technology. The teams are always in a time zone similar to that of the customer, since we know that is an important detail for effective communication. Another vital detail is that our mentality and approach to the project must match our client’s vision. Since the important details like time zone and mentality match, we can provide superior service to our customers for competitive prices.

Our Services

Software development

We provide

• Best programming talents in Eastern Europe
• Proactive and creative approach to meet client’s challenges
• Trustful and encouraging relations inside the teams
• Successful cooperation in distributed and multinational deliveries Languages

Quality Assurance Testing


● Functional testing
● Independent Security testing
● Mobile testing
● Performance testing
● Regression testing
● Quality Assurance audits
● Manual & Automation testing


Our strength

We have more than 50 000 contacts all over Ukraine and abroad. We work with more than 75 teams of developers and testers in the field of outsourcing, thus covering a huge stack of technologies for various tasks.

Our Skills


We create a Home for your project

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